Activities at Ahmedabad Montessori School


Those everyday activities which remind you of the things you do at home or watch Mummy doing. For example, you can sweep up and clean, and polish the furniture. These and many other activities help you to be independent and develop your concentration- as well as learn a lot about the world around you.


These are the interesting exercises for learning about the environment through sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. The activities highlight different aspects of the world for you and help to extend and refine your vocabulary. Slowly you construct a picture of the real world. This gives you a sound foundation for developing your imagination.


These are concrete activities using rods, beads, spindles and cubes that you can use to learn to count with and structures of numeration. It is all very logical and gradually, step by step, you understand, abstract and internalise the mathematical relationship of the world in which you live.


At your age you learn language avidly listening and speaking. In the language corner there are lots of interesting picture books, reading books and pink, blue and green boxes with words and pictures.

Using cutout alphabets, you suddenly find that you have learnt to read and write without knowing when or how.

These skills give you the keys to discovering more knowledge – suddenly you notice the whole classroom is filled with words, labels on objects, and pictures and books.


Outdoor field trips are a must in Montessori Education. Montessori was one of the first educators to recognize the motivational and spiritual benefits of nature. According to me, there is no description, no image in any book that is capable of replacing the sight of things and nature around us. Children engaged in outdoor play demonstrate such things as spontaneity, energy, vigour, enthusiasm, curiosity, exploration, active involvement and intrinsic motivation amongst other things.