Montessori School in Ahmedabad, Pre-School Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad montessori School, Maria Montessori invented the Montessori method of education in 1907 in Italy. She discovered a method of teaching that allowed the children to develop and learn through their own needs without barriers. Maria Montessori created an atmosphere that was warm, happy and full of love that would bring about happy healthy children. Here at the Ahmedabad Montessori School we would like to think that we have succeeded in recreating this atmosphere for our children to learn in. It is an indisputable fact that all parents want the best for their child. Also it now generally accepted that the pre-school years are vitally important for the later growth and development of a child’s full potential. Due to these two facts, an increasing number of parents are seeking a pre-school situation which offers what has come to be known as the “Montessori method”. The two main ideas that form the key components of the Montessori method are the special qualities of the environment and the special qualities of the teacher . The unique interaction of these two forces influence and shape the child in a way that - assists the natural development of his / her personality, - promotes a healthy physical, social and emotional development, and - provides the optimum opportunities for intellectual development. Imagine you are a child between two and half and three years of age and going to a Montessori school. It is just like a “Lilliputian world”. Everything is the right size and specially designed for you – the tables, the chairs, the shelves around the classroom walls, the lavatories, the basins, the pegs for clothes, the shoe racks, the mirror – everything! In fact it is called the “children’s house”.